Quality Control

Depending on the product, quality control inspection is held differently. 
We work with 3rd party companies like SGS-TÜV Saar, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company; with independent auditors and testing labs

Inspection process

1. Pre-production inspection

Pre-production inspection covers these 3 main points:

  • The materials/components, as well as the colors, sizes, weights, etc.
  • Validation of the prototype
  • The making of a first product. This is the time to check whether the factory is capable of making products that respect specifications.

2. Inspection during production

The inspection during production is held for determining the status of these three points:

  • Non-conformity to specs: All the relevant aspects of the product (quantity, components, assembly, aesthetics, function, size, labeling…) are controlled.
  • Defects: defects are checked on products based on the sampling plan developed earlier
  • On-site test result: Some simple tests are done in the factory, like a full function check, to make sure that the product fits, really works, etc.

3. Post-production inspection

During the inspection of finished goods the following is checked:

  • Quantity - Sampling Size is determined by standards set out by our Acceptable Quality limits. All inspections use the standard internationally recognized ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) sampling size procedure
  • Dimensions - Checked to confirm that dimensions meet the standards
  • Color - The colors of the product will be checked using the color code charts or other checking devices
  • Weight - Products will be weighed both packed and unpacked to determine if they have met customer standards.
  • Accessories/Assembly Instructions - Checking all accessories or assembly instructions to see if they conform to clients requirements.
  • Packaging - We carry out strict checks on all samples packaging to determine if they meet all conditions agreed with the buyer. Checks include labels, barcodes, dimensions and weight details etc...
  • Shipping Marks - We check shipping marks are correct as per client's standards which improve customers warehouse stock control.
  • Onsite Test - We check functionality, barcode scanning, assembled products to confirm they meet clients' requirements. Any other additional onsite client request can also also be carried out.
  • Workmanship - We examine all samples for any defects or nonconformities such as scratched surfaces, broken parts, poor surface finish, functionality checks, indentations or any other defect that could affect the saleability of the product.
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